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MojoHire integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse, leveraging AI and talent intelligence to streamline your hiring process.

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Lightning Fast Recruiting

Instantly match candidates to open jobs and vice versa, creating a continuous pipeline of qualified talent that never runs dry.


Stop Toggling, Start Hiring

Simplify recruiting with MojoHire's intelligent overlay. Seamlessly browse and evaluate qualified candidates on the fly.


Rediscover Hidden Talent

Leverage the existing goldmine within your Greenhouse data to engage qualified applicants and tap into their potential.


Go Way Beyond Keywords

Our holistic matching analyzes applicant documents contextually, uncovering the best hires based on expertise and experience and not just keywords.


Advance Talent Internally

Make sure you're not overlooking the most qualified database of people, your OWN. With MojoHire, talent mobility has never been easier.


Crush Hiring Silos

Allow your recruiters to work in perfect sync. No matter who sourced a candidate, MojoHire automatically matches them with the best-fit role.



Neuron + Knowledge-Discovery Matching Technology

MojoHire provides the best possible matching candidate by thinking and analyzing like a human brain beyond just a list of job titles and skills. It's time to discover the hidden potential of your Greenhouse candidate pool.


Automated Job-Matching for Candidates You Love

By constantly matching every open req to every candidate profile in Greenhouse, you will never miss an opportunity to relate silver medalists to other great-fitting jobs across your company.


Minimize Time Wasted, Maximize Productivity

MojoHire recoups 100% of recruiters' time wasted on reviewing unqualified applications by categorizing each candidate based on their matching quality. Put AI matching to work, and start reviewing qualified matching candidates from your Greenhouse database at the moment of job creation.

MojoHire’s AI matching technology is the most unique from everything I’ve seen on the market. It reads and analyzes our entire Greenhouse database and finds the right candidates with just a click of a button. With MojoHire, we’re truly maximizing our TA efficiencies and minimizing time to close on our mission-critical roles.

Mike Andrew

Head of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Americas,

Orion Innovation

Mike Andrew

Orion Innovation