MojoHire + Greenhouse               A Match Made in Heaven


As a Greenhouse integration partner, MojoHire brings unparalleled AI and talent intelligence to your daily recruiting flow. By instantly and effortlessly matching people to jobs and jobs to people, you’ll discover talent already in your Greenhouse environment that you’ve been missing...all from the moment you create a requisition. 


MojoHire Greenhouse


Access top candidates who usually get lost in the shuffle by using AI. Increase the productivity of your recruiters and save them time, all with MojoHire.



Make sure you're not overlooking the most qualified database of people, your OWN. Talent Mobility has never been more important to critical to an organization's success.



MojoHire thinks like a human brain, providing the best possible matches for all your open requisitions. Get the whole picture of a candidate’s expertise and experience to make the best hire.


Get the Most out of Greenhouse and Your Existing Data

Companies are sitting on a motherlode of talent that they're overlooking. MojoHire unlocks this untapped resource, integrating seamlessly with Greenhouse to identify and engage qualified talent from current applicants, directly sourced candidates, previous applicants, and even current employees. Our clients are finding that 50% of their new hires have been surfaced directly from their database by MojoHire.



MojoHire’s Brain-Neuron + Knowledge Discovery Matching technology automatically finds qualified talent, enabling recruiters to tap into active and passive talent pools to receive instant recommendations for their hiring needs. With MojoHire, recruiters will no longer waste time searching for qualified candidates, dramatically reducing their time-to-source, diversifying  their candidate pool, and filling more open positions faster than ever.


  • "The ability to quickly match people to jobs, and scale that in a way that we wouldn't be able to do otherwise, is a powerful benefit that we're seeing with MojoHire."

    Ian Ide

    VP of Talent Acquisition, Foundation Medicine

  • “With MojoHire, manually searching for candidates has been eliminated. Instead, we started reviewing qualified candidates. IMMEDIATELY!”

    Greta Fitzgerald

    HR Senior Director, iTalent Digital